Orchestra Iowa

Craig Erickson: Dream Tracks

Location: Opus Concert Cafe
Time: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
119 3rd Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Date: Friday, June 28 2024

Hear what is a dream made reality.

Performing selections from his latest album, Craig Erickson is exploring and sharing a different side of his musical world. Featuring Jim Coates, Lincoln Ginsberg, Dave Nanke and Gerard Estella, Craig’s newest album is a departure from the American Blues and Funk and features 11 new cinematic pieces written to showcase the melodic, emotional and uniquely soulful guitar playing that he has honed for decades.
The weekend at Opus Concert Café is the live debut of some of those Dream Tracks as well as re-imaginings of some of his previously released catalog and covers. All of the musicians from the album will be joining Craig onstage to make for a powerhouse backing band. This is not the typical Craig Erickson show – this is an album over 11 years in the making and over a couple hundred years of talent playing together live for the first time.