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Iowa Brewing Company

Young brewery hopes to become Iowa's choice for craft beer

When it comes to producing beer, Iowa Brewing Company knows what’s up. Their brewers strive to produce beer any Iowan would love.

And with as many as 22 beers on tap — including their multiple award-winning amber lager, Tragedy of the Common — they’ve made it easy to please. They’re also bottling your favorite beers to be sold in groceries, liquor stores and other retailers throughout Eastern Iowa.

Co-owner Craig Stephan said they’re often praised for their “impressive selection of great beers,” which is what keeps regulars coming back.

Non-beer drinkers shouldn’t fear, however, as they also feature hard cider, kombucha, soft drinks, wine and occasional guest taps.
“Even people who don’t like beer usually end up leaving here liking something,” Stephan said.

The taproom, located between the Downtown and New Bohemia districts of Cedar Rapids, serves as the perfect place to grab a beer and hang out with friends — maybe even play a board game or two. As a production facility they don’t serve food, but generally offer a rotation of local food trucks on the weekends.

“We want to give people a place away from home that feels like home,” said business manager Ashley Felts. “People just like the space,” she added. “It’s relaxed and loungey, with communal seating. The idea is that you might talk to somebody you don’t know and maybe meet a new friend.”

Iowa Brewing Company
708 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

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