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The Iowa Children’s Museum


The Iowa Children’s Museum is a 28,000 square foot playground for young minds. Conveniently located inside Coral Ridge Mall, The Iowa Children's Museum is a safe, rich learning environment where families can experience quality time together creating memories that last a lifetime.

“Playing is learning and the Iowa Children’s Museum is filled with exhibits and programs that really nurture that child-directed play,” said Deb Dunkhase, former executive director. “It is play that doesn’t have pre-set rules by adults, but kids create their own parameters and their own rules. They are really learning so much!”

The Iowa Children’s Museum has five key educational initiatives including STEM, financial literacy, health and fitness, early childhood development and arts and culture

The Iowa Children's Museum offers permanent and changing interactive exhibit environments. Exhibits offer unique hands-on educational components that promote the active exploration, problem solving, and discovery that lead to learning.

At the Museum, the act of play is respected and valued by staff and volunteers as a critical aspect of childhood that leads to healthy, happy adults.

“There’s not a child in here that doesn’t just come in and fall in love with this space,” said Dunkhase. “It’s an amazing place for kids to be!”

Come play!

Iowa Children's Museum
1451 Coral Ridge Ave 
Coralville, IA  52241
Phone: 319-625-6255

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Iowa Children’s Museum

Iowa Children’s Museum

Imagine...Create...Discover...Explore in a 28,000 square foot playground for young minds! The Iowa Children's Museum is a safe,…