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Carefully curated to inspire and delight, Illuminations Center for Enlightenment brings magic to all your special occasions featuring uncommon gifts and items with mystical charm. Choose from a wide selection of rare gems and crystals, jewelry and collectibles, colorful Turkish-mosaic and Himalayan-salt lamps, high-quality incense and essential oils, and metaphysical books and décor. 


However, Illuminations has even more to discover. Treat yourself to an uplifting session with an experienced holistic arts practitioner including massage therapy, Reiki, and intuitive readings or choose from a wide selection of yoga classes for every body and every level to hone in on the heart and steer the mind back to the spirit. Every visit offers a variety of holistic services and products to meet each individual on their spiritual journey and is sure to put you on the road to personal energetic alignment of Self and Source.

329 10th Ave SE #115, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

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Metaphysical shop and holistic services center. We offer massage, energy work and psychic/medium readings. Our shop sells crystals,…