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Cedar Rapids Kernels Baseball Club

Get up close and personal with the game action when you visit the Kernels!

It’s the best family entertainment venue in the corridor. With affordable prices and a safe atmosphere there’s no better place to party at the park than with the Kernels!

Picture It - You grab your glove, and cap and race to the car. It’s a Kernels game day!

As soon as the car is parked you jump out and rush to the gates. Yes! Just in time to get a free baseball cap! Your senses come alive as you smell fresh popped popcorn and hot dogs on the grill. It’s then that you start to realize how hungry you are.

After a glimpse of the freshly-mowed bright green grass and the newly chalked white lines on the field your mind goes into overdrive as you try to decide what to do first! Do you play on the inflatable games...look for Mr. Shucks...stop in the souvenir store…go to the autograph booth to see some Kernels players? The possibilities are endless!

As you walk the concourse to the concession stand, again you smell burgers, popcorn and Cracker Jack. So many choices! You get a ballpark hot dog you’ve been craving, and dress it just the way you like it with ketchup and relish. YUM!

It’s easy to find your seats, just behind the home dugout. The players come onto the field dressed in their home whites, hats on straight, socks pulled up and gloves ready - it’s time for them to warm up. Maybe a player will toss you a ball, or a foul ball will come your way!

The announcer starts to read the starting line ups. Mr. Shucks storms the field with his giant flag, followed by your hometown team, the Kernels, taking the field. One lucky child shouts “Play Ball” and the action begins. The Kernels starting pitcher warms up, throws his first pitch and the umpire calls “Strike!”


950 Rockford Road SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404



Season: April – September

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