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Brucemore: National Historic Site and Cultural Center

As Iowa’s only National Trust Historic Site, Brucemore stands strong preserving a bygone era.

When you step back in time and explore this 26-acre gem, you’ll find a a historic 1886 Queen-Anne style mansion at the heart of the estate nestled just outside of the bustling Cedar Rapids downtown. As Iowa’s only National Trust Historic Site, Brucemore stands strong preserving a bygone era with the remarkable 21-room mansion and multiple early 20th century service buildings. Not to be outdone, the gorgeous landscape includes peaceful and ever-changing gardens perfect for an afternoon stroll or picnic.

With a mindful eye on the past, the modern day brings the estate alive as Brucemore transforms into a thriving hub of community culture, concerts and programs and tours scheduled throughout the year. Home to three generations of community builders, the site expertly celebrates the stories of industrialists and immigrants, philanthropists and farmers, artisans and architects.

Perfect for all ages and occasions, locals and visitors alike, this testament to community history, resiliency, and vibrancy is a can’t miss stop in the Cedar Rapids tapestry.

Brucemore National Historic Site
2160 Linden Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

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