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Bike Share Program

Travel through Cedar Rapids with the new Bike Share program on electric assist bikes and scooters.

Cedar Rapids Veoride Bike Share Program

If you’re interested in exploring Cedar Rapids without worrying about parking, you can use the new bike share program implemented by the city in the spring of 2019. These electric-assist bikes are centered in the downtown district of Cedar Rapids and will be expanding to surrounding districts soon.

The city launched 45 electric-assist bikes and 22 bike stations, with expectations to expand to 150 electric-assist bikes and 90 bike stations to expand to the neighborhoods of New Bohemia, Kingston Village, Czech Village and the MedQuarter in June. Along with the bikes, there will also be a trial of 30 electric-assist scooters from August to October 2019. And finally, for sake of recreation, the city is also expecting to add 20 fat-tire bikes at Mount Trashmore.

The most unique attribute of these bikes is their electric assistance-- as soon as you start pedaling, you feel the help of the electric motor. This makes the experience all the more enjoyable-- you can bike around downtown Cedar Rapids without breaking a sweat. This is especially true considering the city’s recent addition of bike lanes in the downtown.

To use a bike, download the free VeoRide app. This app makes the process simple-- you find a bike using the map inside the app, you scan the QR code on your desired bike and unlock it via the app. Now you’re free to ride to your liking.  Finally, when you manually lock the bike, the app will record how long you’ve used the bike and will charge you appropriately.

The cost to use these e-bikes is $1.00 to unlock and then $0.15 per minute. These payments are made simple through the VeoRide app.


Whatever reason you have for being downtown, these bikes can be beneficial to you-- you can bike from a parking garage, you can make multiple stops without reparking, or you can ride for fun. Go ahead and try it out!

For more information including a map of bike stations and safety tips, click here.

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