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Guide to The Linn County Fair

The Linn County Fair offers free admission, free parking and many free educational and family events!

We went right to the expert for guidance on what to see, do and take in at The Linn County Fair from June 28-July3, 2017! Alburnett High School student, Kayla Hospodarsky answered a few questions - check it out below. Kayla is more than qualified to share her Fair experiences, she has been the Dandy Doers 4-H Vice President for one year, their President for two years, and the Alburnett FFA Secretary for one year.


CR: Do you show at the Fair? If so, what?

Kayla: Yes, Sheep and Beef Cattle


CR: What is your favorite activity at the Fair and why?

Kayla: Showing and watching the livestock shows because you get to see first hand the hard work put in pay off. 


CR: What is your favorite food to eat at the fair?

Kayla: Lemonade Shake ups because after a long tiring day that's just what I need. 


CR: What should someone who has never been to the Fair make sure to see or do?

Kayla: Check out the static exhibits in the Linn Dunn Building and the petting zoo to familiarize yourself with the livestock at the fair. 


CR: What is the best thing for younger kids to do at the Fair?

Kayla: Come on Youth Day (Thursday, June 29) as there are many activities for youth on that day and go through the petting zoo. 


CR: Anything else we should mention?

Kayla: To be safe around the animals. Always ask before touching them and be quiet around them as much as possible, but have fun and learn about the many projects 4-H and FFA members have been working on year round!


Find a full 2017 Linn County Fair Schedule here.

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