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The #StayHome movement has shifted the way the workforce is meeting thanks to video conferencing platforms like Zoom. One of the most fun features on Zoom is its Virtual Background tab. We decided to create several images with some of the city's iconic backdrops. Download these Zoom backgrounds and enjoy your next meeting in Cedar Rapids, no matter where you are. In addition, Bloomsbury Farm and Prairie Patch Farm will both arrange for animals to join your Zoom calls.

How to Set Up the Virtual Backgrounds

1. Begin your meeting in a well-lit room with a medium to dark background that is a different color than your top.
2. Save the Cedar Rapids Zoom image to your computer.
3. Open Zoom.
4. Click on the up arrow beside "stop video" in the lower left and select "Choose a virtual background."
5. Click "+ Add Image."
6. If the picture doesn't fully display or is distorted, troubleshoot by moving to a darker background or adding more light.

Photographers: If you have an image you'll give us the rights to use for a community background, email info@tourismcedarrapids.com.

*Most photos above courtesy of Liz Zabel.

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