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Restaurants & Breweries

We strive to post the most current and accurate information, but changes are happening rapidly, so please check with each specific business or organization's website to confirm details. Please note: Restaurants are open and able to seat guests at a capacity that allows for 6 ft social distancing, but some are remaining as carryout/delivery only.

Orders To Go: Many restaurants, even ones that don’t deliver, are now doing takeout, so your options are plentiful. Most are posting update on their Facebook pages about the menu items and services available. Find details at these resources: Cedar Rapids Facebook Small Businesses, Marion Small Businesses.

Delivery: Use services like Grubhub, Chomp.CR, Uber Eats or FeedNow

Patio Dining: See our blog about seasonal patio dining here.

Open Cedar Rapids Tourism Office Partner Restaurants:

Open Restaurants - Information may change without notice
Name Address Phone Hours Delivery
Almost Famous Popcorn 1121 3rd Street SE 319-366-3554 11 am - 8 pm - patio seating Yes
The Blue Strawberry Coffee Co. 118 2nd St SE 319-247-2583 Dine in, Carryout or curbside Mon-Sat 7am-2pm  
Bricks Bar & Grill 320 2nd Ave. SE 319-362-7425 Dine-in, patio, carryout Sun. 11-10pm, Mon.-Thurs. 11-11pm, Fri. & Sat. 11-1am Uber Eats
Cafe Saint Pio 99 16th Ave. SW
Dine in, patio, carryout  7am-7pm Grubhub
1202 3rd St. SE  
Curbside, patio Wednesday & Friday from 4-7, Saturday 12-4; Patio seating available No
Cedar Rapids Kernels 950 Rockford Rd SW 319-363-3887 Check web for updates No
Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery 1441 Marak Rd NW, Swisher 319-857-4300 Dine-in, patio & carryout Wed-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat. 11am-5pm, Sun 9am-5pm No
Clock House Brewing
600 1st Street SE 319-200-4099 Dine-in, patio & carryout Wed-Thurs 3-6pm, Fri 3-8pm & Sat 12-8pm No
Cobble Hill
219 2nd Ave SE  319 366-3177 Patio open & carryout Tues-Sat 4-8pm No
Fong's Pizza
1006 3rd St. SE 319-330-4234 Dine-in Sun-Thurs 11am-7pm, Fri & Sat 11am-10pm  
Gianna's Italian Beef 375 3rd Street SE   Carryout or curbside Mon-Fri 12-5pm


Kathy's Pies 616 5th Avenue SE 319-362-5216 Mon-Fri 7am-5:30pm, Sat 8am-1p


Lion Bridge Brewing Company 59 16th Ave SW 319-200-4460 Dine In, patio or Curbside, Wed-Thurs 3-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, and Sunday 11am-8pm No
Local Pour & Street Food 302 3rd Ave SW  319-364-4042 Dine in, carryout, patio 11am-10pm

Uber Eats

Lu's Deli 1010 3rd St. SE 319-200-2221

Dine-in, patio & carryout Mon-Sat 8am-3pm & Sun 8am-noon(Donuts only)

Lucky's on 16th 86 16th Ave SW 319-329-6471 Dine-in or carryout  7am-12am Kitchen open til 9pm No

Local Craft Ale House

4001 Center Point Road NE 319-320-7644 Patio & carryout Tues.-Sat. 4-8pm No
Papa John's Pizza 3358 Center Point Rd. NE 319-393-0990 Mon-Thurs 10:30-1am; Fri/Sat 10:30-2; Sun 10:30-12am Yes
Papa John's Pizza 2840 7th Ave Marion 319-373-7722 Sun-Thurs 10:30-12am; Fri-Sat 10:30-2am Yes
Popoli Ristorante & Sullivan's Bar 101 Third Ave SW  319-363-1248 Dine In or Carryout Tues.-Sat. 5pm-10pm Yes
Pub 217 217 3rd Street SE 319-200-4217 Dine-in & carryout Mon.-Wed. 10am-8pm, Thurs.-Sun. 10am-2am  
Moco Game Room & Hot Dog Bar 1602 E Ave NE 319-431-6547 Dine-in & Carryout Daily 11am-10pm  
Need Pizza 207 2nd Ave SE  319-362-6333 Order/Pay Online, Pick up at Walk Up Window - Tues-Sat 11am-8pm No
NewBo City Market 1100 3rd St SE 319-200-4050 Dine in seating, patio seating Wed-Sun  
Ox Yoke Inn Restaurant 4420 220th Trail, Amana 319-622-3441 Mon-Fri 11-8 and Sat 8-8, Sun 8-7 Dine In, patio or Carryout No
The Quarter Barrel 616 2nd Ave SE 319-621-1836 Private parties & carryout Thurs.-Sat. 4-8pm No
Rodina 1507 C St SW  319-200-2515 Patio, carryout Wed-Sun 3-7pm (Curbside) No
Vivian's Soul Food 2925 Williams Parkway SW  319-396-2229  Dine-in, carryout Tues - Thurs 11am - 8pm; Fri - Sat 11am - 9pm; Sunday 12pm - 7pm Grubhub
Wit's End Coffeehouse 630 10th Street, Marion  319-573-2277 7am-12:30pm curbside No
Additional Area Restaurants:        
30hop 951 Blairs Ferry Road NE 319-200-2010 Carryout/Dine-In, Patio Mon.-Thurs. 11-9pm, Fri 11-10pm Sat. 11-9pm, Sun 11-5pm Chomp
Anvil Meat Market 92 16th Ave SW 319-265-6328 Dine In & Carryout Tues.-Sat. 10-8pm, Sun. 10-6pm Yes
Biaggi's 320 Collins Rd NE 319-393-6593 Dine-in & carryout Mon.-Thurs. 11-9pm, Fri & Sat. 11-10pm, Sun. 11-9pm Yes
Black Sheep Social Club 600 1st Street SE 319-200-7070 Dine-in, patio & carryout Mon.-Thurs. 11-10pm, Fri & Sat. 11-1am No
Blind Pig 3325 Center Point Rd NE 319-200-4127 Dine-in & carryout daily 11am-10pm No
Bop's Pizza 921 Blairs Ferry Rd NE Suite 130 319-826-1226 Curbside Mon.-Sat. 11-8pm Chomp
Boulder Tap House 4444 1st Ave NE Suite 602 319-393-4712 Dine-in & carryout Open Daily 11am-9pm  
Butcher Block Steakhouse 568 Boyson Rd NE 319-343-8364 Dine-in, patio, carryout Tues.-Sat. 3-8pm  
Cappy's Pizzeria 7037 C Ave NE 319-826-2625 Dine-in, carryout Sun-Thurs 4-8pm, Fri - Sat 4-9pm No
Cancun 365 33rd Ave SW 319-365-0778 Dine-in, patio & carryout Sun.-Thurs. 11-9pm, Fri & Sat 11-10pm  
Casa Las Glorias 2245 Blairs Ferry Rd NE 319-294-2101 or 319-294-2103 Dine-in & carryout Sun-Thurs 11-10pm, Fri & Sat. 11am-11pm No
Crab Attack Cajun Seafood 1117 1st Ave SE 319-363-1175 Mon-Thurs. 1-7pm, Fri. & Sat. 1-8pm, Sun. 12-6pm No
Dash 120 3rd Ave SW   Carryout Mon.-Sat. 8am-2pm No
Dry Creek Brew at 100 Main 100 E Main St, Robins 319-536-0777 Patio & Curbside. Hours vary. Check their Facebook page for updates. No
Edison's Pub & Eatery 475 Northland Ave NE 319-200-6662 Patio open & carryout daily 11am - 9pm Yes
Edith & Lucille's 6913 Mt Vernon Rd SE 319-320-6064 Dine in, patio or Carryout  No
El Super Burrito 3300 Johnson Ave NW 319-366-1181 Dine-in & carryout Mon-Sat. 11am-9pm Sun 11-5pm Yes
Farmer's Daughter's Market 495 Miller Rd, Hiawatha 319-294-7069 M-F 10-6, Sat 10-4, Sun 11-3 - Dine in, patio carryout No
First Ave Wine House 3412 1st Ave NE 319-298-9463 Open & Curbside pickup Tues - Sat 10-3 No
The Fish Store 4342 16th Ave SW 319-200-5004 Dine-In or Carryout Mon-Sat 10-8  
Goldfinch Tap + Eatery 740 10th St, Marion 319-826-2047 Dine In, patio or carryout Thurs- Fri 11-8pm, Sat 11-8pm, Sun 11-7pm No
Granite City 4755 1st Ave SE 319-395-7500 Dine-in open. Check Facebook page for updates Yes
Hacienda Las Glorias 715 First Avenue SW 319-363-7344 Dine-in & carryout Sun-Thurs. 11am-10pm, Fri & Sat 11am-11pm Yes
Hwy 30 Diner 4330 16th Ave SW 319-200-3030 Dine In or Carryout, Daily from 7am-9pm Yes
Iowa Brewing Company

708 3rd St SE


Wed & Thurs 2-6, Fri & Sat 12-4

Irish Democrat 3207 1st Ave SE 319-364-9896 11 am - 8 pm No
La Cantina 5400 Edgewood Road NE 319-393-0924 Dine in or Carryout 11 am - 10 pm  
Lebowski's Bar & Grill 925 Robins Square Dr, Robins 319-536-0700 Dine-in. patio or carryout, Mon-Thurs. 11-11pm, Fri & Sat. 11-11pm, Sun. 11-9pm No
Lighthouse Inn & Supper Club 6905 Mount Vernon Rd SE 319-362-3467 Dine-in or carryout Tues - Sat: Order from 12 - 7:30pm for pick up beginning at 5 p.m. No
Lightworks 501 7th Ave SE 319-449-4046 Patio or Take & Bake: Tues-Sat place orders 10 am - noon, pick up 3 - 6 pm No
Leonardo's 2228 16th Ave SW 319-364-5537 Dine in or Carryout Open daily 11am-9pm Deliver to Westside of CR
Loosies' 1611 32nd St NE 319-200-1002 Carryout Mon.-Sat. 11am-7pm, Sun. 11am-2pm  
Lucky Penny 1705 Boyson Rd, Hiawatha 319-200-4312 Dine-in, patio & carryout Mon-Thurs. 11-10pm, Fri & Sat 11-11pm, Sun 11-9pm No
Mandarin Spice 1412 Twixt Town Rd, Marion 319-377-0555 Dine-in and Carryout Daily 11-8pm Yes minimum $40 
The Map Room 416 3rd St SE 319-362-0417 Patio & curbside Wed-Sat. 11-8pm No
Mas Margaritas 588 Boyson Rd NE Suite 124 319-826-1800 Dine-in, patio & carryout daily 11- 10pm No
Mr. B's and Sam's Pizza & Deli 629 2nd Ave SW 319-366-8406 Dine-in & carryout. Hours vary. Check out their Facebook page for updates. Yes
Napoli's 500 Marion Blvd 319-377-2100 Open daily 11am-10pm No
Nara Thai 1725 Blairs Ferry Rd Suite 102 319-200-4004 Lunch noon-3pm, Dinner 5 - 8pm No
Nelson's Meat Market 1140 Old Marion Rd NE 319-393-8161 Patio Tues-Fri 9am-5:30 pm, Sat 9am - 5pm  
Old Neighborhood Pub 608 16th St NE 319-449-4726 Dine in, patio, carryout Daily 11am-8pm No
Oscar's Restaurant 768 N Center Point Rd 319-378-8885 Carryout Daily 7am - 2pm No
Oyama 5350 Council St NE 319-832-1800 Dine-In & Carryout Mon-Fri 11-2:30pm & 4:30-9pm, Sun 12-9pm Yes
Panda Lin 624 12th Ave SE 319-826-6891 Dine-in & carryout Mon-Sat 10:30-9, Sun 12-7:30pm  
Papa Juan's 5505 Center Point Rd NE 319-393-0258 Carryout Daily 3-9pm  
Paradise Indian Grill 5200 Fountains Dr NE Suite 100 319-318-2070 Dine-in, patio & carryout open daily from 11:30-2pm & 4:30-9:30pm Yes
Parlor City Pub & Eatery 1125 3rd Street SE 319-247-0000 Dine-in, patio & carryout M 11-9, Tues-Fri 11-10, Sat 8-10, Sun 8-9  
Phong Lan Vietnamese 216 8th St SE 319-365-5784 Daily 11am-9pm No
Pita's 1057 N Center Point Rd 319-395-7482 Patio, Curbside Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Yes
Pizza World 4201 42nd St NE, Ste 140 319-393-2000 Patio & Curbside 11am-10pm Yes
Q-Dog's BBQ Company 895 Blairs Ferry Rd 319-826-6667 Dine-in & carryout 11am - 8pm  
Quinton's Bar & Deli 450 1st St SW #101 319-200-4192 Dine In, patio or carryout 11 am - 9pm Yes
Rawlicious 1101 3rd St. SE 319-560-5090 Dine-in & carryout Tues.-Sat. 11am-4pm  
Riley's Cafe 1117 1st Ave SE 319-363-8000 Dine-in & Carryout 6:30 am - 2 pm  
Sag Wagon Deli & Brew 827 Shaver Rd NE 319-366-3265 Dine-in, patio, carryout open daily 11am-12am  
Saucy Foccacia 5100 Fountains Dr & 2360 Edgewood Rd SW 319-294-6772 E or 319-200-1818 W 10:30 am - 9 pm Yes
Scooter's Coffee 6 area locations, scooterscoffee.com/locations   Drive Thru beginning at 6 am  
Short's Burger & Shine Marion 780 11th St, Marion 319-200-1020 Dine-in (wear mask), Carryout Daily from 4-8:30pm No
Siamville Thai 3635 1st Ave SE Ste B 319-364-1955 M-F 11-2, 5-9pm, Sat 12-9pm Yes
The Starlite Room 3300 1st Ave NE 319-362-4759 Dine In, patio or carryout Daily 11am-2am No
Sushi House 2665 Edgewood Pkwy SW, Ste 100 319-396-1990 Carryout Mon.-Thurs 11am-9:30pm, Fri. & Sat. 11-10pm, Sun. 12-9pm  
Taco Depot 2665 Edgewood Pkwy Ste 104 319-396-2218 Daily 11am-11pm Yes
Tomaso's 3234 Center Point Rd NE 319-364-4313 Daily 11am - 7:30pm No
Tornado's Grub & Pub 1600 3rd Street SE 319-364-9378 DineIn, patio & carryout Daily 11am-2am  
Urban Pie 1138 7th Ave, Marion 319-200-2399 Dine-in, patio, carryout daily 11-2pm & 4-8pm Yes
Via Sofia's 1125 1st Av SE & 5411 Center Point Rd NE 319-362-9667 SE & 319-393-2700 NE Open daily 7am-9pm for carryout Yes
Villa's Patio 433 7th Ave, Marion 319-447-1101 Dine in, patio, carryout Mon-Thurs 11-9:30pm, Fri 11-11pm, Sat. 11:30-10:30pm, Sun 11:30-9pm No
Vineria Wine Shop 264 Blairs Ferry Rd NE 319-373-6141 Patio seating, or order online, curbside pay and pickup Tue – Sat Noon – 7pm No
Vito's on 42nd 4100 River Ridge Dr NE 319-393-8727 Dine in, patio & carryout Sun-Tues 11am-9pm, Wed-Sat 11am-10pm  
West End Diner 809 6th Ave, Marion 319-892-3012 Dine In, patio and curbside. Daily 9-1:30  
White Star Ale House 305 2nd Avenue SE 319-362-2000 Dine-in & carryout Mon-Thurs 4-9pm Fri & Sat 4pm-12am  
Willie Rays Q Shack 288 Blairs Ferry Rd NE 319-206-3806 Curbside driveup Tues-Sat 11am-5pm No
The Wright Touch Catering & Bake Shoppe 7085 C Ave NE 319-294-2253 Tues-Sat 11am - 5pm No
Yen Ching 2317 Mount Vernon Rd SE 319-362-8100 Recommend ordering online 10:30am-9pm Yes
Zeppelins Bar & Grill 5300 Edgewood Rd NE Suite 500 319-393-3047 Dine In Now Open, Daily details on their Facebook page No
Zoey's Pizza 690 10th St, Marion 319-377-2840 Now reopened, Sun-Thurs 4-8, Fri-Sat 4-9 No

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