National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

Party in the 21st Century

Location: National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library
1400 Inspiration Pl SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Date: Saturday, January 18 2020 to Sunday, April 19 2020

Party in the 21st Century, an art exhibit celebrating the nearly extinct Slovak “parta”, opens January 18 at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.

The parta is a type of fancy headband that brides often wore on their wedding day. The festive and ceremonial hair stylings were decorated in designs unique in every region of Slovakia, varying in shapes, sizes, materials used, ribbons and accessories. While the tradition of the parta, or party in plural form, has fallen into oblivion, Slovak photographers Zuzana Sénášiová and Ľubomír Sabo, producing under LSZ Photography brand, art painter Sarah I. Avni and ethnologist Katarína Chabrečeková, teamed up to bring it back to life. The result of their three-year project is a collection of artwork that celebrates the nearly extinct “party” and wreaths from all over Slovakia, presented in a modern art design that combines photography and painting. Party in the 21st Century will be on display in the Anderson Gallery through April 19. The exhibit is sponsored by Western Fraternal Life.