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Journeys of Discovery, an event of local literature and music.

Location: Groundswell Cafe (Matthew 25)
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
201 3rd Ave SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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This event has already finished but is here for for your information

Cracked Walnut and
The Writers’ Rooms
‘Journey of Discovery’
an event featuring local literary talent and music.

$5 at the door

Hosted by S.P. Jayaraj

Featured Writers
S.P. Jayaraj
Erin Casey
Marianne Taylor
Casey Vox
Kelly Hanson Maher
1 more writer to be announced.

Featured Musicians
Azure Anderson-Jayaraj
and Derek Sword

S.P. Jayaraj Jayaraj is the author of 'The Secret of the Zipacna Dragons' and creator of the new-age fantasy world of Adijari. Satish not only writes in multiple genres but discovered he had a talent for curating when he founded Cracked Walnut in 2014 in the Twin Cities,MN. He has hosted and performed at over 200 literary events. He is a proud resident of Cedar Rapids, IA and is excited to bring you his talent, and the talent of other great local artists. www.spjayaraj.com www.patreon.com/authorspjayaraj Erin Casey Erin Casey is an urban fantasy and YA fantasy writer who often delves into the themes of community, LGBT rights, and mental health. She recently released her first book, The Purple Door District with a second forthcoming. You can find out more about her at www.erincasey.org. Marianne Taylor is Poet Laureate of Mount Vernon, IA, as well as the recipient of numerous poetry prizes. Her work appears widely in anthologies and national journals, and she also writes and directs plays, teaches literature and creative writing at Kirkwood Community College, and has served on the city council in addition to theatre, arts, and education boards. Casey Vox Casey Vox is twenty-eight and still gets butterflies when reading their poetry. They're a Concierge of TWR’s Rainbow Room, they’re a Special Education paraeducator with Iowa City Schools, and they work at Haunted Bookshop. They also hold the dubious honor of two-time Vogon Poetry Champion of ICON in Cedar Rapids. Kelly Hansen Maher Kelly Hansen Maher’s first collection of poems, Tremolo, was released in 2016 (Tinderbox Editions). Her work has previously been featured in Briar Cliff Review, New Orleans Review, and Blue Mesa Review, among other journals. Kelly teaches reading and poetry in prisons, and privately. Originally from Northeast Minneapolis, Kelly now lives in Grinnell, Iowa. Azure Anderson-Jayaraj Azure Anderson-Jayaraj is a musician and artist based out of Cedar Rapids IA. She is a member of Cedar Rapids Concert Chorale and has performed at numerous Cracked Walnut events since it was founded in the Twin Cities, MN five years ago. https://www.thewritersrooms.org/