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Art Exhibit: Rhythm in Bloom

Location: Gilded Pear Gallery
808 Third Ave. Se
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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This event has already finished but is here for for your information

Gilded Pear Gallery is delighted to present Rhythm in Bloom, a solo exhibition of recent abstract artworks by beloved Cedar Rapids artist, Ann Royer.

Ann Royer is a multidisciplinary artist with more than 60 years of artmaking experience. Among her wide repertoire, Royer’s abstracts are best known for growing tendril lines, sweeping bold blocks of color, voluminous shapes filled with patterns, and sharp geometry. She says of her work, “I have always thought each person looks at art bringing with them their own experiences, which governs what they see.” Although, her inspirations do not directly link to instrumentation, Rhythm in Bloom is a curated collection of artworks that evokes parallels to music and pay homage to spring growth. Royer’s studio is filled with the sound of symphony; more often than not, the classical radio station is playing. Intertwined is the experience of viewing the artworks and listening to the harmony surrounding them. They are inseparable in that moment, and it is difficult not to ‘see’ the music after its life begins in a gallery setting. While some compositions feel like compression or expansion of a staff of notes, others appear to visually represent free jazz. It’s fun to imagine melodic monochromatics and tapered stripes acting as staccato, creating space for a key change from warm to cool. The violin plays the tendril lines, the brass section punctuates with bold blocks of color. These energetic forms incidentally create shapes that blossom with the appearance of dancing. All the pieces themselves exude a spring-like aura of new growth with luminous colors. Artworks presented in this exhibition are paintings on canvas as well as sculptures in bronze.