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Speedeezz Indoor Karting

Leave your friends and family in the dust when you buckle into a kart at Speedeez Indoor Karting.

Have a need for speed? Leave your friends and family in the dust when you buckle into a kart at Speedeez Indoor Karting. Live your racecar dreams as you drift around corners, pass the competition and cross the finish line with the wind in your hair.

An idea born in the pit of the Hawkeye Downs Speedway, this family-owned indoor racing facility is run by experts who dreamt of creating family-friendly, year-round entertainment more accessible, affordable and fun for visitors and locals alike. “We want you to have fun without having to spend a lot of money,” said Duane McNulty, one of the owners and a former Race Car Crew Chief.

kids driving karts at Speedeez in Cedar Rapids

Open all year long year, offers affordable tiered pricing that starts at just $7 per 15-lap race. The more races you buy in a package, the cheaper the races get. Those interested in private parties or corporate outings can look to Speedeezz, too, as hourly rates start $225 an hour for up to 40 people. Looking for a family outing with some sportsmanship? Want to give your aspiring driver some safe practice behind the wheel? Need to burn off the kids’ energy during the cold season? The weather is always cooperating inside Speedezz, with no reservations required.

the race track at Speedeez in Cedar Rapids

Drivers must be at least 54 inches tall in order to reach the pedals, but no license is required. Not to be excluded, shorter individuals who are at least 36-inches tall, can take a joy ride with a licensed driver in one of the convenient double karts. Once buckled in and ready to go, drivers can zip around the track at about 20 miles per hour — which may not sound all that fast, but trust us, it’s faster than it sounds. “People are always surprised by how fast the cars go,” McNulty said.

kids preparing to drive their kart at Speedeez

Even if racing isn’t for you, watching is just as fun as drivers build confidence and challenge themselves and those around them. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to take your turn at the wheel and enjoy some friendly competition too.

Speedeezz Indoor Karting
1120 33rd Ave SW, Suite D, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404
(319) 200-2599

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Speedeezz Indoor Karting

Speedeezz Indoor Karting

Cedar Rapids’ only indoor go kart track. New larger location. Party rooms available. Affordable fun for all ages!